About us


Delights of Umbria was born in Spoleto in 1998 and has since chosen to remain a craft. The strong family tradition is the element that characterizes this important reality that is based in the green heart of Italy. Even today, the main objective of Umbrian delights is the quality of the products by the attention given to every detail and the care with which each phase of the process is followed.

Over the years, the production of delights Umbria has been enriched and varied. Among all, however, the main ingredient is the truffle. The truffle delights of Umbria comes from the work of the best miners, operating throughout the country. Fundamental are also the various stages of processing, which the company pays highest attention to ensure the highest quality of the finished product.
With this philosophy and passion for tradition, he delights Umbria has established, over the years, in Italy and abroad.

The store

The Delights of Umbria from 2012 are also in the heart of the City Festival dei Due Mondi. In an idyllic position and privileged, in Via dell’Arringo, is in fact a small shop that overlooks the beautiful Piazza Duomo location of events, concerts and movie sets.

The small shop, located at the top of the steps of the Duomo of Spoleto, reflects the family tradition of Umbrian delights and lets you choose which products to buy in a unique atmosphere, tasting, the delizione sauces and truffles on display.

Wine tasting corner

During the summer, at the shop of delights of Umbria, you can taste the products accompanied with a good glass of wine. At lunch or dinner will be a marvel for the palate and the eyes eat local specialties directly on the steps of the Cathedral of Spoleto, caressed by the breeze coming down from Monteluco. There are passions that remain in the heart, like the one that links the food culture.